We have identified several concepts common to many library interfaces in designing open interfaces related to observability, diagnostics, and profiling over the last 20 years. To increase reusability and reliability, we have extracted and bundled the concepts into a packaging used across our other projects, including

Inspired from concepts and techniques in signaling theory, stigmergy, systems thinking, and social cognition, OpenSignals offers a humane and scalable way to infer and reason about the state of systems of services. OpenSignals provides a simplified model and superior means to reframe and contextualize data collected that is meaningful, relevant, and effective for enterprise application monitoring and service level management.

The Phaneros project aims to fundamentally rethink and reimagine how observability events are captured, collected, and communicated within high- and low-latency computing environments. The primary objective for this project is to offer a simplified but highly versatile instrumentation interface that affords efficient and effective contextualization of emitted phenomenon states within application and runtime system spaces.

There is a need for a situational awareness solution that structures, simplifies, and streamlines information so that operators do not suffer information overload and high cognitive costs. We’re developing an advanced situation awareness technology for site reliability and resilience engineering teams needing to deploy highly efficient observability and effective controllability solutions to monitor and manage software systems of services.