An ambitious endeavor to bring much-needed sensibility, simplicity, and sophistication back to systems engineering and lay a solid foundation for the software services’ observability, adaptability, controllability, and operability.

Humainary is exploring a conceptual design from both ends of the solution spectrum, taking long-term systems and cybernetics views that reimagine how best to enable more effective and efficient coordination and cooperation of human and machine actors within a complex system.

The first significant deliverable is the Substrates Project. The Substrates API is an extensible framework for building observability toolkits and instruments that emit events over a circuit of contexts and conduits via currents.

The second noteworthy deliverable is Serventis, a project inspired by concepts and techniques in signaling theory, stigmergy, systems thinking, semiotics, and social cognition. Serventis provides a simplified model and superior means to reframe and contextualize data collected that is meaningful, relevant, and effective for business process monitoring and service management.

The ultimate endgame of this initiative is to build a generic framework for situation awareness that can be used to integrate far more successfully and simpler human-and-machine communication, coordination, and cooperation.