A Roadmap for an Observability Toolkit

The M:3 Mission

We have divided up our mission for the Humainary Toolkit into three phases, with each phase mapping to one or more layers:

# Measure: sensors, sources, sinks, signals, and states
# Model: form, function, and flow
# Memory: profiling (patterns), prediction, and projection


Like a neural network, the Measure phase focuses on creating a diverse set of sensory instrumentation input nodes that feed the network with environmental stimuli such as states and behavioral signals.


The Model layer is responsible for conceptual representations deemed enduring and valuable. The nodes and instruments within the Measure layer connect to multiple nodes within the Model layer. Nodes within the Model layer can interconnect, forming composites.


The final phase and layer is the Memory, which is responsible for attention, reconstructing, matching, predicting, and projecting higher-order conceptual forms such as scenes and situations associated with scenarios and scripts.